Sports Massage For Children 17 and Under

   Sports Massage can be very beneficial to active children. It's important to maintain their growing bones, muscles, tendons, and nervous system with massage. Even shorter massages on local areas such as the calves or thighs, if you are getting cramps or lactic acid build up, are beneficial right there and then even during rehearsal/ performance or sports event. 

What to expect after your massage

Whether you come in for a relaxing Swedish massage or a deep tissue massage water intake is
very important after your massage. During the massage the therapist might have worked on
your knotted areas to release the tension and pain that comes along with them. These knots
release lactic acids into the body therefore your water intake will help flush those toxins out of
your body.

Stress and Massage

Stress can be caused by many different factors. You may feel overwhelmed at school, work, or even just with events going on in your personal life. When you become stressed your body becomes stressed as well. Stress can cause joint pain, headaches, chronic neck and back pain as well as other symptoms.